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Assumption Log in Project Management

What is an Assumption ?

It is something that is accepted as true or certain to happen, unless proven otherwise.

Assumption log 

It is the list of all assumptions and constraints identified as affecting the project. These assumptions and constraints guide the technical specifications, estimates, schedule, risks, etc. of the project.

Assumption log is one of the Output’s of the Develop Project Charter process.

Assumption Log is one of the Project Documents.

Need of an Assumption Log

High Level Strategic and Operational Assumptions are normally identified in the Business case before the project is initiated. These High Level Assumptions will flow into the Project Charter as business case document is one of the inputs to preparation of Project Charter.

However, Low level assumptions are generated through out the course of the project during activities and tasks such as defining technical specifications, estimates, risks etc. These low level assumptions should be properly tracked.

Assumption Log contains and tracks all the Assumptions(High level and Low level) and Constraints throughout the Project Life Cycle.

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