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Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs)

Enterprise environmental factors

What are Enterprise Environmental Factors?

Let’s break this down first.

Dictionary meaning of “Environment” is “It is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives in or operates. “(oxford).

An even better one for our context is “Environment is the setting or conditions in which a particular activity is carried on.”

So Enterprise Environment is the setting or conditions in which the activities of an enterprise are carried on.

When an organization carries out projects, its environment (Enterprise environment) will have a bearing or impact on the projects. This impact can be positive or negative. What is most important to understand is that projects have no control over the enterprise environment, but it is only affected by the enterprise environment.

Enterprise Environmental Factors Definition

Enterprise Environment Factors or EEF’s are conditions that are not under the control of the project team but can influence, constrain, or direct the project.

EEF’s can be internal and/or external to the organization.

Internal EEFs vs External EEF’s

Enterprise environmental factors


EEF’s are input to many processes, especially within the Initiating and Planning process groups. They may enhance or constrain project management options and may have a positive or negative influence on the outcome.

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