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Project Expediter VS Project Coordinator

project coordinator vs project expediter

Project Manager exercises maximum authority in Strong Matrix and projectized organizations. In Weak Matrix, Balanced matrix, and Functional Organizations the authority of Project Manager is reduced drastically to the extent that his role itself becomes part-time, and he is called Project Coordinator or Project Expediter, instead of Project Manager.

Check the different types of Organizations.

The functions of project coordinator and project expediter are almost the same, except for some minor differences, discussed below.

Project Expediter

  • He/She primarily acts as a staff assistant and a communications coordinator
  • He/She Cannot make or enforce any decisions.
  • He/She has no authority

Project Coordinator

A Project coordinator is similar to Project Expediter, except that he/she

  • has some power to make some decisions
  • has some authority
  • reports to a higher level manager than the one a project expediter reports to.

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