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What happens If I fail PMP Audit ?

It depends on the reason for failure. There are 3 reasons for failure

  1. No fault of yours – You provided all the required documents, but PMI may opine that you may need more experience. Situation like you are not able to locate your supervisors to certify your experience. In this case, rectify your application and apply again. check Things to remember while completing PMP Application form.
  2. You choose not to comply with audit – this is the case when you don’t submit the required documents for audit. In this case, you will be suspended for one year. You will not be allowed to apply for the certification for one year.
  3. You intentionally submitted false information and got caught – This is fraud, and PMI may ban you for life, and you will not be able to apply for the exam ever again.

Check the PMP Audit FAQs for more information and other related questions.

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