Project Manager Salary

Project Manager Salary Guide 2021

    PMI Salary Survey is extensively done across 42 different countries. This survey gives data on PMP salary advantage, and median project manager salaries across industries and countries.

    How to Become an Effective Facilitator

    How to Become an Effective Facilitator

      Effective facilitator is someone who facilitates a group of people so that they can make progress. There are 5 stages of facilitation – Scope, Design, Prepare, Facilitate Event, Capture Value.

      Product Manager Role

      Product, and Product Manager role

        Product Manager role includes multiple roles such as communications hub, prioritizer, researcher, and overall responsibility for the ultimate success of the product.

        velocity chart

        Agile Velocity and Velocity Chart

          Agile Velocity is the amount of work a team can handle in a sprint. Velocity chart is a visual representation of amount of work delivered in each sprint. Related are Sprint velocity and Team Velocity.


          SCRUM – Theory, Team roles, Events, Artifacts

            Scrum consists of self organizing, cross functional teams that work in time-boxed iterations called Sprints, delivering potentially shippable product increments at the end of every sprint.

            Purchasing power of salary

            Purchasing Power of your Salary

              Purchasing Power Parity is the rate at which currency of one country would have to be converted into that of another country to buy the same amount of goods and services in each country.