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Validate Scope VS Control Quality

Validate scope vs control quality

Validate Scope, and Control Quality Processes are important concepts in project management. Questions related to these are frequently asked in the PMP exam and also in Project Management Interviews. We shall look at these in detail.

Validate Scope

  • Validate scope is the process of formalizing the acceptance of the completed project deliverables by the customer. In this process, the focus is on the Acceptance of the Deliverables.
  • It is performed by the Customer or the Project Sponsor.
  • It is performed after the Control Quality Process or parallelly.

Control Quality

  • Control Quality is the process of ensuring that the deliverables meet the quality requirements defined in the Quality Management plan.
  • During this process, the focus is on the Correctness of the deliverables.
  • It is performed by the Quality Control Department before the Validate Scope process or parallelly.
  • Verified Deliverables are the output of this process.

We recommend you to go through the concepts of Verification VS Validation, and Verified deliverables VS Accepted Deliverables.

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