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Accepted Deliverable VS Verified Deliverable

We have already discussed about Verification VS Validation. We strongly suggest you to go through that first if you haven’t already, that will make this topic easy for you. Ok.. Let move on to it.

Accepted Deliverable VS Verified Deliverable

Verified Deliverable

  • As per PMBOK 6th, these are completed project deliverables thave been checked and confirmed for correctness through control quality process.
  • These are deliverables checked and confirmed for correctness… i.e.. checked whether the deliverable meets the defined quality requirements or not.
  • Output of Control Quality Process.
  • Quality control department generally does the verification of deliverables.
  • Verified deliverables are input to Validate scope process.

Accepted Deliverables

  • As per PMBOK 6th, these are deliverables produced by a project and validated by the project customer or sponsors as meeting their specified acceptance criteria.
  • These are deliverables that are accepted by the customer or client.
  • Output of Validate Scope process.
  • Customer does the validation of deliverables.

Validated Deliverable

There is nothing called a Validated Deliverable from PMBOK 6th edition. Until the PMBOK 4th edition, Validate Scope used to be called Verify Scope and Verified Deliverables used to be called Validated Deliverables. So just IGNORE.

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