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5 Types of Powers of Project Manager

Powers of Project Manager

Project Manager is the captain of the ship (project). Project manager acts as a facilitator. In order to get the project work done, a Project Manager is formally vested with some powers. There will also be some powers which the project manager innately have in him. All these powers help a project manager to carry out his duties and responsibilities.

Broadly, there are 5 types of powers a Project manager could exercise

Legitimate or Formal

This power is the “power of the chair”. It is the power a PM exercises because of his position. As part of exercising this power, PM assigns tasks and responsibilities to his team members.


It is the power to reward and recognize team members based on their performance.


It is the power to penalize a team member for poor performance, or award punishment for any violations that the team member is not supposed to have done.


It is the power that a PM commands and exercises by virtue of his expertise in a certain field of knowledge.


It is the power that comes to you from the other person liking you, respecting you, or aspiring to be like you. It is the power of charisma and fame. 


Best forms of Power – Expert, Reward

Worst form of Power – Penalty

Power derived from your position – Formal, Reward, Penalty

Power Earned on your own – Expert

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