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PMP Application

We have observed that a lot of people take too much stress about filling the PMP Application form and the possible PMP Audit Process they may have to face next. Yes! it is important to fill in application form carefully. Doing this step carefully will ensure that your application sails through smoothly, even though you are selected for an audit.

Things that you need to fill up in PMP Application

  1. Applicant Name, email, Phone number
  2. Applicant Contact Address (Home)
  3. Applicant Contact Address (Work)
  4. Highest level of Education attained, year the degree awarded, Institution name and address
  5. Project Management Experiences – This section is describes in detail below.

Project Management Experiences Section

Obviously this is the most important part of application. In this section you need to list down all the relevant project management experiences you had. People with a lot of experience may have so many project experiences, and people with less experience may have only one or two project experiences. It doesn’t matter whether you have many years of experience, it is important that you have relevant project management experience.

Each project experience is divided in to 3 sections 

  1. Overview – basic information such as project start and end date
  2. Organization details – your organization name, address etc
  3. Project details – time you spent on each project management domain, and detailed description of project and your role in 500 characters (not words). 

Detailed list of different items asked in each of the 3 sections is below

  1. Overview – Things asked here are
    1. Project Start Date
    2. Project End Date
    3. Project Role
    4. Primary Industry
  2. Organization Details – Things asked here are
    1. Job Title
    2. Name of the Organization you work
    3. Address & Phone Number
    4. Contact Name – this is the Manager/Supervisor you reported to.
    5. Contact Relationship
    6. Contact Email
    7. Contact Phone Number
  3. Project Details – In this section you are asked 2 things
    1. Number of hours you spent on each of the 5 project management domains during your tenure on that project.
    2. Project Description – You can’t write essays, there is a limit – 500 characters(not words) only.

Please not that, you have 500 characters for each project experience. It is not 500 characters for all of your project experiences.

Check the PMP Application FAQs for common questions that many candidates have.

Check PMP Audit FAQs for common questions on PMP Audit process.

Check PMP Audit Process, for detailed information on PMP Audit.

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