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Quality and Grade – Definitions, Examples

We very commonly hear the terms “low quality product”, “High Quality product”, “low grade”, “high grade”. We often see many people using the terms “Quality” and “Grade” interchangeably. However, both are different. Lets see..!!

Quality VS Grade

What is Quality?

Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfills requirements (ISO 9000 Definition).

In simple words, Quality is the degree of the products conformance to requirements and its fitness to use.

What is Grade?

Grade is a category or classification assigned to deliverables having same functional use, but different technical characteristics. (PMBOK 6th)

Quality & Grade – When the deliverable is a Product

Grade is about – the number of features that a product has.

Quality is about – the number of defects that a product has.

High Quality – No defects, good documentation — Always Desired

Low Quality – Many defects, poor documentation — Never desired

High Grade – Many features

Low Grade – Limited Features

Products can be High or low Quality, and High or Low grade

A High Quality Product is always desired by customers.

A Low Quality Product ( has all defects, basic requirements not fulfilled) is never desired by any customer.

A High grade product has lot of features.

A High Quality High Grade product has No defects, and lot of features – Always desired and liked by customers.

A High Quality Low Grade product has no defects, but has less features – this may not be a problem as the basic requirements are met because of High Quality.

A Low Quality Low Grade product has many defects, and very limited features – Never desired by customers

A Low Quality High Grade Product has many defects, but has many features – Also not desired by customers, as the basic requirements are not met.

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