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WPD, WPI, WPR – Data and Information flow in a project

wpd wpi wpr

WPD, WPI, and WPR are the terms we frequently come across in the project management world. We see one of these three as output to many of the project management processes. Let us understand what these are.

A great deal of data is generated, considered, and communicated throughout the life of a project. There are 3 different terms to identify the stage through which this data move in a project. They are

  1. Work Performance Data (WPD)
  2. Work Performance Information (WPI)
  3. Work Performance Report (WPR)

Work Performance Data (WPD)

In simple terms it is the data about how the project execution took place.

WPD is generated in the Execution phase.

It is about the details of the activities performed and measurements gathered during project execution.

Work Performance Information (WPI)

During the controlling phase, the WPD generated in the execution phase is compared with the Project Management plan. Any deviations present are analysed to assess what they mean to the project as a whole, i.e.. these deviations are analysed to understand their impact on the project, and any changes that are possibly required for the project management plan. WPI is the result of the above analysis or its the decisions made based on that analysis.

Work Performance Report (WPR)

The WPI developed in the controlling phase can be organized into appropriate reports. These are called Work Performance Reports (WPR).

Example: Project Status Report

Overall Example:

Project Management Plan – Task A should take 10 hours to complete

During Execution – Task A took 20 hours to complete

WPD – Task A took 20 hours to complete

WPI – Task A should take 10 hours to complete, but it actually took 20 hours. Why it took more time ? What impact does this deviation has on the entire project ? will the project be delayed ? should other activities be re-estimated ? Should any stakeholders be notified on this ?

WPI is the result of the above analysis or the decisions made on the questions above.

WPR – Entire WPI is organized into an appropriate report.




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